Primary Sources

Uncategorised works

1851: Phenomena of a Water Jet

Works on Magnetism

‘On Poisson’s Theoretic Anticipation of magnecrystallic Action’, Report BAAS 22nd meeting (Belfast, September 1852)

Works on Glaciers

1857: On the Structure and Motion of Glaciers (with Huxley)
1858: On some Physical Properties of Ice
1859: On the Veined Structure of Glaciers; with Observations upon White Ice-Seams, Air-Bubbles and Dirt-Bands, and Remarks upon Glacier Theories
1860: The Glaciers of the Alps (book)

Other Geological Works

1856: Comparative view of the cleavage of crystals and slate rocks

Works on Heat

1853: 'On Molecular Influences. Part I. Transmission of Heat through Organic Structures’, Philosophical Magazine (4th series), 6 (1853): 121–138.
1863: Remarks on the Dynamical Theory of Heat

Works on Radiation

1859: Note on the transmission of radiant heat through gaseous bodies
1861: On the absorption and radiation of heat by gases and vapours, and on the physical connection of radiation, absorption, and conduction. The Bakerian Lecture.
1861: Remarks on radiation and absorption
1862: On the absorption and radiation of heat by gaseous matter
1863: On the Relation of Radiant Heat to Aqueous Vapour
1864: On the Absorption and Radiation of Heat by Gaseous and Liquid Matter
1864: Contributions to Molecular Physics (third Bakerian Lecture)
1864: On Luminous and Obscure Radiation (published in Heat Considered as a Mode of Motion)
1865: On the History of Calorescence
1865: On Calorescence
1866: Sixth Memoir on Radiation and Absorption. Influence of Colour and Mechanical Condition on Radiant Heat
1868: On the Blue Colour of the Sky, the Polarization of Skylight, and on the Polarization of Light by Cloudy Matter Generally
1868: Note on the Formation and Phenomena of Clouds
1870: On the Action of Rays of High Refrangibility upon Gaseous Matter
1880: Action of an Intermittent Beam of Radiant Heat upon Gaseous Matter
1882: Action of Free Molecules on Radiant Heat, and Its Conversion Thereby into Sound

Secondary Sources

Here is a near-complete listing. A few more that I have found:

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