Infinities and singularities as problems

H. K. Moffatt, Euler's disk and its finite-time singularity:

Of course, such a singularity cannot be realized in practice: nature abhors a singularity, and some physical effect must intervene to prevent its occurrence.

H. K. Moffatt, Singularities in Fluid Dynamics and their Resolution:

In either case, the force F (per unit length) required to hold the scraper in position is infinite. This just indicates that there is

something wrong with the proposed solution!

Chun Huh and L. E. Scriven, Hydrodynamic Model of Steady Movement of a Solid / Liquid / Fluid Contact Line:

singularities in mathematical physics usually signal failure of one or more hypotheses underlying the model, for nature abhors local infinities.

William J. Silliman and L. E. Scriven, Separating how near a static contact line: Slip at a wall and shape of a free surface:

As Huh and Striven [5] pointed out, there is from the standpoint of continuum physics a need of relief from stress singularites at contact lures, for Nature abhors infinities. The occurrence of an infinity in continuum physics signals breakdown of one or more premises of the theory.

G. Birkhoff, Reversibility and Two-Dimensional Airfoil Theory:

By reversibility, nature should abhor infinite velocities at the leading edge just as much as at the trailing edge of an airfoil

Blair Perot and Chris Chartrand, Modeling return to isotropy using kinetic equations:

we have determined the unique nonsingular (͑assuming nature abhors a singularity)͒ model of this form