Namewee is a Malaysian rapper well-known for making 'controversial' raps addressing issues like racism, corruption, and the social attitudes of his countrymen. I link his best works here for my own reference. You should assume that all these videos are NSFW. All the songs are mostly in Mandarin unless otherwise stated. ('Mostly', because he often inserts local — usually Hokkien — colloquiallisms.)

  • Negarakuku - A mishmash of rap and the Malaysian national anthem that juxtaposes images of Malaysia's 2007 tourism campaign with politically inflammatory messages. This was the rap that catapulted him into the national attention. The version linked here is the best English translation I can find, but still leaves much to be desired.
  • Kawanku (literally 'Friends') - A rap containing at least 4 languages. An incisive characterisation of race relations in Malaysia and the typical Chinese Malaysian perception of Singapore. English subtitles. Clearer version without English subtitles: here.
  • Nah! - Rap responding to racist remarks made by a school principal. This was what got him into legal trouble in Sep 2010. Rap is in Malay; video has Malay, English and Chinese subtitles. Apart from the original MV, here's a hilarious one of a Malay and Indian dancing to the rap.
  • Chinese New Year song - Cultural critique of Chinese New Year as practised in Malaysia. I love this because Singaporeans have the same post-colonial habit of worshipping foreigners. Chinese subtitles.
  • Jay Chou's Diao - An even better critique than the Chinese New Year song on Malaysians' dismissal of local culture. Chinese subtitles.
  • I X you because I love you - A commentary on censorship. English subtitles.
  • Poker - On playing poker during Chinese New Year.
  • I am who I am - Song from his latest album commenting on recent events in his life. Full of his typical defiance. Video has Chinese subtitles and links to English and Malay translations of the lyrics.
  • KL的查某好好野 - Social commentary on Kuala Lumpur's nightlife. Chinese subtitles.
  • I don't use vulgarities - Rap, mostly in Mandarin, commenting on critics who complain about his use of swear words. Chinese and English subtitles.
  • Your English sucks - Rap commenting on plight of students in Malaysia's independent Chinese schools. Chinese subtitles.
  • World Cup song - Parodying Malaysians' obsession with the World Cup while their national football team languishes. Chinese subtitles.
  • Internet war - Chinese subtitles, but the abbreviations won't make sense unless you're familiar with common Hokkien swear words.